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Pickles and octopi; New Calgary Stampede foods announced

Last Updated May 15, 2019 at 5:25 pm EDT

(Credit - Calgary Stampede)

Some of the big items this summer include pickles, octopus and cotton candy

Other new items this year include beyond meat pizzas and gold ice cream

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – From scorpions on pizza to virtually everything dipped in batter and fried, there’s no shortage of crazy delicious foods at the Calgary Stampede and this year is no exception.

On Wednesday, the Calgary Stampede revealed the new foods to hit the midway this summer and as expected there’s a mix of sweet, salty and strange.

You can enjoy foods such as cotton candy mini doughnuts, deep fried ice pops and a cotton candy taco served in a waffle cone taco shell.

Another popular item coming to Stampede are pickles there will be pickle ice cream, cotton candy and a pickle flavoured ice pop on the menu.

GALLERY: For the savoury fan

GALLERY: For the person with a sweet tooth

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Stampede Midway without unusual food to sample and this year there’s a new tentacle in town.

That’s right, two octopus dishes are on the list this year including the Octo-leg: a deep-fried octopus tentacle and the Octo Lolly, a tiny octopus on a stick.

The 2019 Calgary Stampede runs from July 5 to 14.

You can see a full list of the new midway food items here.