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Singh's campaign co-chair says election could come down to B.C.

Last Updated Oct 21, 2019 at 9:11 pm EDT

File photo. (Courtesy Jagmeet Singh/Twitter)

Jagmeet Singh will be watching results come in at a hotel in Burnaby, where hundreds have gathered to support the NDP

Singh's campaign co-chair says B.C. voters could be the deciding factor this election

BURNABY, B.C. – During 40 straight days of campaigning, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh spent much of his time building support for the party in British Columbia, and campaign co-chair Marie Della Mattia says she’s expecting that work to pay off.

“We are probably going to see this election come down to what happens in B.C., and that doesn’t happen to British Columbians very often,” she says. “Often it’s decided long before it gets to us, so that’s going to be really interesting.”

Singh has said he believes his campaign picked up momentum in the final weeks of the race because he and his team remained focused on the people they met every day along the trail.

He told reporters Sunday he has no regrets about the race because he feels he ran a campaign that was true to who he is as a person, and one that relayed a message of hope.

The party began the race in a distant third place, but as the campaign unfolded it began to gain traction, drawing over 1,500 people for Singh’s rallies in the final days of the race. The NDP went into the election with 39 seats in the House of Commons, and that number could go up tonight.

Singh himself will be watching results come in at a hotel in Burnaby, B.C., where hundreds have gathered to support the NDP. He and his wife did not vote on Monday – they cast their ballots at an advance poll over the Thanksgiving weekend.