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‘Some Good News’ might just be the glimmer of hope we all need right now

Last Updated Apr 6, 2020 at 11:58 am EDT

Actor and filmmaker John Krasinski has started a web series highlighting good news stories from around the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (Screenshot YouTube)

Actor and filmmaker John Krasinski has started the Some Good News web series amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The web series highlights feel-good stories from around the world

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You may have seen the videos online. In the face of what has become day-after-day of bad or scary news, actor and filmmaker John Krasinski has taken matters into his own hands to try and spread a little cheer.

There’s no doubt there have been moments of hope, and stories that showcase the better side of human kind as we all weather the crisis that has come from COVID-19.

From cheering for healthcare workers every night during shift change, to restaurants and others donating food and supplies to those who need it most and frontline workers, there’s have been stories to lighten the mood as the number of novel coronavirus cases continues to rise around the globe.

Krasinski is compiling them into weekly episodes as part of “Some Good News”.

The highlight from episode one was a mini-Office reunion, but Aubrey – a Hamilton musical super-fan – took the cake in episode two.

She told Krasinski physical distancing efforts and the whole COVID-19 pandemic has kept her from seeing the show on Broadway.

Aubrey was invited to chat with the actor via video call on the episode, during which Krasinski offered to fly her and her mother out to New York to see the show when the crisis was over.

“This corona thing, it’s a real bummer, isn’t it?” Krasinski asks her. “But, you know, the social distancing thing is very important, so I have a deal for you. When it’s all over, I will fly you and your mom to New York and you will see Hamilton on Broadway, how does that sound?”
Aubrey was quite obviously elated.

But it didn’t end there. Enter Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is widely known for creating and starring in Hamilton.

Speechless, Aubrey was met by the main man himself, who was joined by the cast of Hamilton who then broke into song with the opening number from the show.

Her reaction says it all.

A B.C. man also got a shoutout – if you can call it that – in episode two from Krasinski.

“In Okanagan, Canada @RadioKeppler anointed himself as my SGN co-anchor, without consulting a lawyer,” Krasinski said, referring to a video posted to Twitter called “Good News Okanagan,” which was “totally inspired” by Some Good News, according to the account.

“And he did a frustratingly good job,” Krasinski added.

You can watch all of the Some Good News web episodes here.