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Ongoing pandemic is leading to 'quarantine fatigue'

Last Updated May 22, 2020 at 11:45 am EST

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CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Are you suffering from “quarantine fatigue?”

With our day-to-day routines changed and many of us itching to return to pre-pandemic lifestyles, it’s all taking a toll on our mental health according to Janet Miller from Mount Royal University in Calgary.

“Living with that fear and uncertainty takes a toll on us as well. Being on guard or hyper-vigilant or extra conscientious does take a toll on our energy.”

Miller says she’s worried about the long-term effects on our collective mental health even when things slowly return to normal, adding the isolation has exposed gaps in mental health support systems.

“Some of us are exhausted. There have been all kinds of loss during this quarantine, isolation time. Some of us are tired because we’re dealing with school and working from home or we’re worried. There’s a lot of uncertainty. I think some people are frustrated with the system. There’s no one answer on how we’re reacting but I think it’s affecting all of us.”

Although many are occupying themselves with television or keeping up with others on their smartphones or tablets, Miller says that’s not helping.

“Screen fatigue has been a big part of this experience for a lot of people and we’re missing the face-to-face laughter and camaraderie and community.”

Miller notes there have been some positive things to come out of the lockdown, with more people giving back to the community and more awareness raised on the importance of first responders.

It’s also giving many people renewed connections with family and friends.