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Montreal students create hair care product for curly hair

MONTREAL (CityNews) – They say if you want a solution to your problem, create it, and that’s exactly what five Black women in Montreal did by creating Kind to Curls.

Kind to Curls is a hoodie with a satin lined hood tailored to protect curly and coily hair.

“Just a regular cotton in a hood pulls at your hair. It causes frizz, it could cause breakage. So, just a regular hoodie isn’t good for our hair,” explained Kelly Lacroix, co-founder of Kind to Curls and student at Concordia University.

“For a lot of us our hair is a super big part of our identity, so we have to do whatever we can to make sure we maintain this look and we make sure our hair is healthy. Like for me for example it can take about two to three hours to complete my entire hair and this lasts about maybe three to four days. But, if I were to wear a hoodie it completely ruined that style,” added Lacroix.

For most Black women and girls, hair care is a big part of their lives. From hours spent getting the perfect tight braids to protecting natural styles.

“There is no forgiveness, you have to look good!” stated Lacroix.

“More than just looks. Its a big part of our day to day like from when I was a baby I was doing my hair like my mom would do my hair, I started doing my moms hair it’s embedded into you from when you’re a kid that you do have to take care of your hair not just for other people but for yourself,” explained Keisha Moore, co-founder of Kind to Curls and a Concordia student.

After doing some research, Moore, Lacroix, and three others found satin-lined hoodies were nearly nonexistent in Montreal.

“We had it in mind for a specific group of people, maybe young adults, women, and then we got all these orders coming in from all these people we didn’t expect so we were like wow this could really blow up into a big thing much bigger than we expected,” said Moore.

The entrepreneurs say they’re happy to be contributing to the conversation around black hair, one that was not always a positive one in Canada.

“It used to be pretty negative I would say, but I think now we’re in an era where its like my hair is my crown. I have to take care of my hair, this is me,” explained Lacroix. “As the language changed there’s definitely a lot more products out there for black hair, a lot more accessories for black hair and we just wanna be a part of that and give something back to our community because this is our crown you know.”

“I have to say when I was in high school, I definitely did not take as much care of my hair. And I think it was really hard for me to go out and wear my natural hair especially because I didn’t see it around me as much,” Moore explained.

Kind to Curls hopes to keep growing in a business that is so dear to their hearts.

“In a few years I hope we’re huge! I hope we’re in Winners, Marshalls and we’re like in America and overseas, right now it’s mainly Canada.”

Canadians can visits the Kind to Curls website and social media to find out more about this all female and black owned local business.