White powder in suspicious envelopes sent to Laval homes was non-toxic, police say

By News Staff and The Canadian Press

The white powder that was found in envelopes accompanied by an extortion letter sent to Laval citizens was non-toxic and not lethal, police say.

On Monday, 10 Laval residents received an envelope containing a white powder of an unknown nature, accompanied by an extortion letter including threatening remarks.

After analyzing the powder, Laval police say they found it “represented no danger to health.”

While the powder turned out to be safe, the Laval police force (SPL) is urging residents to exercise caution when handling suspicious content.

Police said Monday the envelopes appeared to be sent at random, with no specific sector of Laval targeted.

“There’s no link between the victims that have been determined yet, neither concerning the address,” said Maxime Bray, an SPL spokesperson.

“We’ve reached out to other police services outside the city and they didn’t report having any files on their territory but that’s still part of the investigation.”

SPL officers are still investigating. No suspect has been identified.

Police are urging anyone who received a suspicious envelope at home to contact police.

–With files from The Canadian Press

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