15-year-old Montreal boy killed by drug more potent than fentanyl, father warns youth to beware

“If I can save one life, it will be a win for me," says Christian Boivin, the father of Mathis Boivin, a 15-year-old boy who died after taking a single dose of isotonitazene. His father is now warning others to beware. Swidda Rassy reports.

By News Staff

The father of a 15-year-old boy who died after mistakenly taking a synthetic opioid, considered more potent than fentanyl, is speaking out and warning others to beware.

Mathis Boivin died after taking a single dose of isotonitazene on Dec 21 before bed. The next morning, he didn’t wake up.

His father, Christian, posted to Facebook about it Thursday. “I found out what took our handsome Mathis,” he wrote.

“He thought he was taking oxycontin.”

Boivin said they found out that the synthetic opioid was more powerful than fentanyl “A pill that is deadly to someone who’s never taken that type of drug, he got poisoned.”

Now, Christian is sharing his son’s story “so it does not happen to others.”

“It’s poison, if we don’t talk about that, it could be another one,” said Christian.

The teen’s funeral was held on Friday where friends and family wrote heartfelt messages on the his casket.

“I want to spread the word that it’s dangerous that we don’t want them to try that,” said Christian.

Montreal Public Health Department (DRSP) in November 2020 issued an overdose alert after the drug had been circulating appearing to look like oxycodone but actually containing isotonitazene. The drug was found in the autopsies of 14 people since August 2020.

Suspected Isotonitazene. (Photo: Direction régionale de santé publique (DRSP) de Montréal)

The family reported Mathis’ death to the SPVM in hopes of finding the dealer of the drug and get some answers. Police are currently investigating.

“It’s like a murder…but if they can just seize 100 pills, it’s 100 pills that is not on the market,” said Christian.

“I have to say to people that talk with your kids, be sure they know what happened to Mathis because if I can save one life, it will be a win for me.”                                                                         

Mathis Boivin. (Credit: Dignity Memorial)

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