Canadian entrepreneur turns talent into business

I hit rock bottom, I got up," says Clairon Haynes, Canadian entrepreneur who turned her adversity into successes like transforming her weaving talent into a handbag business. Pamela Pagano reports.

“I was just a precious little diamond buried beneath the stratified layers of life’s harsh circumstances,” wrote Clairon Haynes in her memoir.

CityNews first introduced you to the writer, entrepreneur, and singer one year ago.

After the launch of her second book her successes, born out of adversity, continued.


She’s now on a new entrepreneurial venture: her handmade handbags. 

(Submitted by: Clairon Haynes)

“You just have to look closely,” said Haynes. “You will find the opportunities that are around you to live your best life.”

“And fulfill the purpose for which you were created.”

Last summer, Haynes was not finding a handbag that was right for her.


That’s when she remembered her talent as a little girl: weaving.

The entrepreneur took her talent and turn it into a business.

Haynes loves working with festive colours.

Each bag though, customizable.

(Submitted by: Clairon Haynes)

Haynes migrated to Canada from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2002.

She taught entrepreneurship in high school in Montreal – which sparked her interest to start her own projects: like writing books to creating music.

Music became part of her healing journey when diagnosed with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in 2011 — after experiencing abuse from her mother and ex-husband.

“It’s not too late,” said Haynes. “Look for your passion.”


“Look within,” she added. “What fuels you?”

Hayne’s entrepreneurial ventures fuel her.

Her goal: to return to Montreal and make her projects blossom after she retires from her 9 to 5 job with the Ontario government.

Not being able to read French was something that pushed her to move in 2021 — After spending 19 years in the city she calls home.

Haynes teaching entrepreneurship to high school students in Montreal. (Submitted by: Clairon Haynes)

“I came here as an immigrant,” said Haynes. “I have started from scratch.”


“I hit rock bottom, I got up,” she added. “I ducked through the trenches.”

“And here am I being able to start a business as well.”