Some Montreal public pools, local beaches open amid heat wave

“It’s hot, it’s beautiful,” says Montrealer, Lucille Chevalier Olivo at Verdun beach on Tuesday. Enjoying water activities in the city, a way some are keeping cool as Quebec is under a heat warning. Pamela Pagano reports.

By News Staff

It’s going to get hot, hot, hot today in Montreal and surrounding regions, as a heat wave settles in.

It will feel like 42 this afternoon and then 44 degrees on Wednesday.

Some Montrealers were keeping cool and safe on Tuesday, while having fun in this sun.

“Just enjoy life a little bit,” said Goel Monzon, at Verdun beach. “That’s why I’m here today honestly.”

Montrealer, Goel Monzon (left) and his friend enjoying Verdun beach on June 18, 2024. (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

“The humidex index will exceed 40 degrees in the afternoon from Tuesday to Thursday, while maximum temperatures will stay between 30 and 35,” said Environment Canada. “It will be slightly cooler at night with minimums around 20.”

During the heat wave, the weather agency recommends drinking six to eight glasses of water per day, before feeling thirsty, and avoiding alcoholic beverages or caffeine.

They also recommend spending at least two hours a day in an air-conditioned or cool place, or to take a cool shower or bath.

Lifeguard at Montreal’s Verdun beach on June 18, 2024. (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

“It’s hot, it’s beautiful, I’m happy,” said Montrealer, Lucille Chevalier Olivo, at Verdun beach. “It’s my kid’s birthday, just here having a good ol’ time.”

Two beaches are open, the city says: Cap-Saint-Jacques and Verdun. 

Also making a splash: splash pads like the one at Parc du Quai-de-La Tortue. Montreal has 184 of them in town, and many mist stations, plus more than 25 outdoor pools are open, and nearly 40 indoor swimming pools. 

Montreal’s Parc du Quai-de-La Tortue in Verdun on June 18, 2024. (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

“A pretty intense air mass that is coming from the southern part of the US,” said Simon Legault, meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada. “Brining a large area of warmth and humidity coming from the Gulf of Mexico.”

“Bringing us very tropical conditions in Montreal.”

Montreal promises to activate an emergency plan if temperatures become intolerable.

They say opening a pool involves preparation, cleaning, making sure it’s filled with water and that the quality meets all criteria. Then you need supervisors who have to be trained beforehand.

The number of open pools and splash pads, including their operating hours will vary from one borough to the next.

Montreal’s Verdun beach on June 18, 2024. (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

Discover new places to swim

If it’s raining, or off season, there are also those indoor pools that are open to everyone.

Ben & Jerry’s in downtown Montreal on June 18, 2024. (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

Residents should limit their outdoor activity or schedule them during the coolest parts of the day, Environment Canada says.

They also emphasized the importance of never leaving a child or baby alone in a car or poorly ventilated room, checking on people who live alone and keeping your pets hydrated.

Lucille Chevalier Olivo celebrating her child’s second birthday at Montreal’s Verdun beach on June 18, 2024. (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

“It’s super hot out,” said Sarah Forgione, at Verdun beach. “I love being with my friends so we come to the beach and just enjoy and relax.”

“I coming in bike each day,” said a fellow beach-goer. “I eat at 12, go back at six,”

“Everything is alright.”

Montreal’s Verdun beach on June 18, 2024. (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

“I feel like it’s different than downtown Montreal,” said Chanel Dabians about the beach. “Montreal is always so busy, here it’s peaceful.”

Speaking of downtown Montreal.

“It’s hot you know,” said Kadr Boumila, Quality Control Technician with ABS who was among the many at a construction site on Saint-Catherine Street. “We just have to deal with it, drink a lot of water.”

“Get some rest sometimes.”

“Summer isn’t as long as we think,” added Monzon. “So let’s enjoy it while we can.”

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