Ricochet homeless shelter to reopen on Montreal’s West Island

“I’m just so grateful, so happy that this is happening and we’re reopening,” says Tania Charron, Ricochet's executive director, as the homeless shelter finds a new home in Villa St-Martin on Montreal's West Island. Johanie Bouffard reports.

By News Staff

The Ricochet homeless shelter will reopen its doors on July 8 on Montreal’s West Island, after being forced to leave its previous location at the end of May when its lease expired in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

The shelter’s new home will be at Villa St-Martin, the former site of the Ignatian Spirituality Centre of Montreal; located on Gouin Blvd. West, near Highway 13.

Ricochet is the only shelter for people experiencing homelessness and housing instability on the West Island, with a capacity of 48 people.

“I am extremely relieved to know that in less than a week, all our beneficiaries will once again have a roof over their heads, hot and nutritious meals to nourish themselves, and the possibility to shower,” said Ricochet Executive Director Tania Charron. “The bare minimum that every person should have access to.”

Tania Charron in front of a building
Tania Charron, Ricochet Executive Director (Johanie Bouffard / CityNews)

Charron said they will be able to accommodate all 48 people through 12 rooms with four beds each which all have their own bathroom and shower. Other accommodations include common spaces and computer rooms for beneficiaries to look for apartments and search for jobs.

“We also have a kitchen, which is new for us because we used to cook with slow cookers and microwaves,” Charron said.

“The nature surrounding the last location was something really appreciated by the beneficiaries, I didn’t know if we could offer that again,” Charron said. “This place is amazing when it comes to connecting with nature and healing.”

According to a press release, Ricochet will also receive support and guidance from psychosocial workers.

“Their primary mission is to provide support and assistance to people facing psychological, social, or emotional difficulties. In a stable, secure, and comforting environment, the Ricochet Center, true to its values of compassion and inclusivity, welcomes women, couples, pets, members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, as well as all cultural communities, including First Nations,” reads the press release.

The shelter’s new home is located at Villa St-Martin on Montreal's West Island (Johanie Bouffard / CityNews)
The shelter’s new home is located at Villa St-Martin on Montreal’s West Island (Johanie Bouffard / CityNews)

“I feel relief, but I’m also very proud of our team, who has been determined and has been so resilient,” she said. “I’m just so grateful, so happy that this is happening and we’re reopening.

Charron said that with the help and support from the City of Montreal, Ricochet managed to overcome its challenges saying they’ve had the support from the Quebec and the Canadian Government to pay for the rent.

Though, Charron said when it came to the $100,000 cost for relocation, it came from the Ricochet’s funds.

Ricochet Shelter
New space for Ricochet Shelter on Montreal’s West Island. (Courtesy: FB/Ricochet Hébergement/Homes)

“We knew that the Ricochet Center wouldn’t be closed for long because our organization is known for achieving the impossible. Starting Monday, we will be ready to offer shelter and hope once again to our beneficiaries, helping them bounce back towards housing stability and social reintegration at their own pace,” she said.

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