Humboldt Bronco Logan Boulet documentary from Sports Illustrated debuts

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Almost eleven months after the tragic crash that took the lives of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos Junior A hockey team, a documentary has been released about Broncos player Logan Boulet.

The documentary called The Logan Effect is produced by Mary Agnant, a video producer with Sports Illustrated. It focuses on the legacy that the 21-year-old left behind because of his choice to sign his organ donor card on his 21st birthday.

By donating his organs he helped to extend the lives of six other people and sparked a nationwide movement.

Agnant spent time with the Boulet family in Lethbridge, the Paulson family in Humboldt who billeted Logan for his three years with the Broncos, and she visited the hospital in Saskatoon where Logan passed away as well as the site where the team’s bus and the semi-truck crashed.

Agnant said that during the process of putting this documentary together she heard about the events and people who impacted Logan’s life and influenced him in deciding to become an organ donor.

“This decision, made at a young age, ended up making a grand impact in the wake of his death,” she also pointed that it helped thousands of others make the same decision.

Throughout the course of the documentary, the Boulet family shared their stories about Logan growing up and his time in Humboldt.

Toby and Bernadine Boulet also recalled the night of the Broncos’ bus crash and how it unfolded.

When she spoke to his family and heard their story, as a mother of two children, it hit home for her.

“Hearing Logan’s mom talk about how she read him stories in the hospital, and how this was the last time she could read to him — I couldn’t imagine being in her position,” she said.

After the crash, the family had 27 hours to spend with Logan until “he fulfilled his new purpose” as an organ donor.

Agnant said that by telling Logan’s story she was shown the importance and need for organ donation.

This documentary was released just over a week after the Boulet family announced that April 7 will be the first Green Shirt Day, to commemorate and encourage organ donations across the country.

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