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A crisis point for abortion access in New Brunswick

Clinic 554 in Fredericton, N.B., is shown on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Kevin Bissett

In today’s Big Story podcast, Clinic 554 has been closed before. It pulled through and reopened, but only because the community rallied around it. Now it’s in danger again, and the future of the last clinic outside a hospital to provide abortions in the province is in jeopardy. Will the province or the federal government step in? Will anyone?

Because it’s not just about abortions—New Brunswick has an urgent shortage of family doctors. If Clinic 554 vanishes, thousands more people will be added to the long, long list of people without anywhere to go except the emergency room. And a situation that’s already being called a crisis will only get worse.

GUEST: Sarah Ratchford, FLARE.com (You can read Sarah’s piece on Clinic 554 right here.)

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