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Are Toronto's landlord-tenant rules just broken?

Residential buildings towering over an overcast city skyline.

In today’s Big Story podcast, in the most crowded rental market in Canada, a rule designed years ago to help landlords improve their buildings is being used to put paying tenants out on the street. As units become ever more attractive, it’s happening more and more often. So what are No-Fault Evictions? How are some landlords weaponizing them to raise rents in Toronto? And what rights do tenants have when they get a notice?

Then there’s the big picture: A year ago, Canada’s largest city was in the middle a rental crisis, and one year later the numbers haven’t budged. What are governments doing to solve this? Will anything actually make a difference, or is this just part of the price Toronto pays for being one of the world’s best places to live?

GUEST: Emily Mathieu, affordable and precarious housing reporter, The Toronto Star

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