Quebecers against an increase in immigration: new poll

By News Staff

A poll shows Quebecers believe that non-francophone immigration is the main threat to French. Two out of three don’t want Quebec to receive more than 50,000 immigrants per year. Close to a quarter of Quebecers would even prefer to see a decrease in immigration.

These are just some of the results obtained in a Léger survey conducted earlier this month on behalf of the CAQ.

Despite major province-wide labour shortages, the results would explain why the government appears to be reticent to increase immigration levels, even though employers’ unions and opposition parties insist the CAQ do so.


In the meantime, Premier François Legault is asking for more powers for Quebec to choose its own immigrants, something the federal government doesn’t appear likely to do.

Many Quebecers continue to be concerned by the Roxham Road irregular entry at the border and would like to see it closed.

Two-thirds of Quebecers are worried about the status of French in Montreal and want the government to do more to protect the language.

Many polled consider immigrants a threat to French and most Quebecers are in favour of the government requiring mastery of French to obtain the Quebec selection certificate (a prerequisite to permanent residence) and greater knowledge of oral French in all immigration programs.

Methodology: 1,003 Quebecers were polled – who spoke English and French – between May 4 and 7, 2022. The margin of error +/-3.1 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

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