Most parking tickets issued during Ottawa trucker convoy still unpaid, city says

By CityNews Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is still dealing with the fallout of the trucker convoy protests that saw thousands of people from across the country descend upon the nation’s capital.

Between Jan. 28 and Feb. 18, bylaw and regulator services issued 3,812 parking tickets and 318 provincial offence notices.

Only 1,600 parking tickets have been paid in the four months since the protests ended, leaving 58 per cent of tickets that still need to be settled with the city.

That’s according to a report that will be presented to the city’s Community and Protective Services Committee on Friday.


The parking tickets were issued for parking in no-stopping areas and parking on private property.

The total value of the fines was $320,545.

The city, however, is still waiting on $240,400 to be paid out – that’s 75 per cent of the total value of the fines.

The provincial offence notices were issued for various offences, such as:

  • Traffic and by-law violations including using sound reproduction devices on a highway;
  • Encumbering a highway by vehicle or other means;
  • Causing or permitting unusual noise that disturbs inhabitants of the city;
  • Operating an unlicensed mobile refreshment vehicle;
  • Failure to comply with COVID public health orders.

Because each provincial offence notice has a different set fine amount, it is difficult to estimate the total value without reviewing each individual ticket, the report states. Around 90 of those provincial offence notices have been paid.

About 15 provincial offence notices and 250 parking tickets have been withdrawn or voided.

Another 15 provincial offence notices and 300 parking tickets are going to trial and six provincial offence notices are held as a prosecutor meeting.

The city says the revenue accumulated through the parking tickets don’t cover the costs incurred by the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) and the City of Ottawa during the convoy.

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