Quebecer breaks world record for amount of trees planted in 24 hours

"I've always enjoyed pushing my limits," says 23-year-old Quebecer, Antoine Moses, who now holds the world record for the amount of trees planted in a day - totaling over twenty-three thousand. Felisha Adam reports.

For most Quebecers, the summertime means we’re able to plant a modest garden with veggies or even flowers. For 23 year-old Quebecer Antoine Moses, summer means he gets to plant trees all across Canada.

This summer is a bit more special, as Moses broke the world record for the amount of trees planted in 24 hours, previously set in 2001 by Kenny Chaplin at 15,170 trees.

“I did 23,060 trees in 24 hours,” says Moses who planted a thousand trees an hour. “I was planting a tree every 3.5 seconds so it goes around 16 trees a minute,” he added.

The task requires physical exertion, but it’s something that intrigued Moses.

“I’ve always enjoyed pushing my limits, trying to go as far as my body can go and like trying to push myself physically,”

Moses says his motivation to do this came from a lifelong dream to hold the record and in memory of someone dear to him.

“ I lost a friend of mine during the season and I kind of did that for her and I raised money as well during the day. So I had the motivation to continue,”

Starting when he was only 17, Moses thought it would be a good summer job.

Now, 6 years later he’s still at it and is responsible for the planting of over 1 million trees across Canada, something he still can’t wrap his head around.

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“It’s hard to imagine that area because I’ve planted like 10,000 there and like 15,000 there and 1000 there. So it’s hard to imagine, but overall it’s pretty cool to know. It’s a good number.”

A number that will continue to grow, like the trees planted, since Moses doesn’t have plans to slow down.

“I will keep doing it until I find something else. That passions me as much. But for now, I really enjoy it. So I’ll keep doing it,” says Moses.

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