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New mural honouring Montreal cancer advocate Nalie Agustin

Nalie Agustin - 33-year-old social media influencer, public speaker, best-selling author and cancer advocate - passed away in March. Her family commissioned a mural to honour her legacy. Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed reports

A mural was unveiled Thursday to honour a Montreal cancer advocate who touched the lives of thousands before passing away earlier this year.

Nalie Agustin is portrayed in the mural in front of the Faubourg, at the corner of Pierce Street and Police Street.

Family members were on hand at the unveiling. They lit candles and performed a sage smudge in front of the black-and-white mural.

“Transform her pain into purpose, and she also created an incredible dream that inspired so many,” said her father Jess Agustin. “We want that to be continued. With all the heartbreak there’s also a lot of celebration that the incredible accomplishments that she gave us.”

Nalie Agustin mural on Aug. 25, 2022. (Credit: CityNews/Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed)

Five months ago, Nalie passed away after a battle with breast cancer that started in 2013.

“Heart breaking but it was also at the same time, heart healing because of all the things she left us. She continues to inspire us,” said her father.

“She is always – it’s hard to talk in past tense – she’s always present everywhere in signs and symbols.”

The cancer advocate, best-selling author, public speaker and social media influencer became an inspiration for countless people in the city and beyond through her words and actions.

The new mural in downtown Montreal pays tribute to her, and will be a permanent reminder of what she still means to so many.

It was commissioned by her brother Justin Agustin.

“She’s left such a legacy and we’re so proud of everything that she’s done and she continues to help people all around the world,” said Justin. “As hard as it is, we’re just so very proud of everything that she’s accomplished and her name is going to continue to live on.

“She had a mission and her mission was to touch people and to help people. Everything that she has left behind, her book, A Diary of Nalie, continues to inspire and help people. And I’m going to do everything I can with my voice and my platform to continue her legacy.

“She’s just an angel looking over our city and we hope that every time someone passes by it, they’ll recognize and remember her.”

The artist who painted the mural was Jasmine Dearden, who also did a mural for Alicia Keys – incidentally, Nalie’s favourite musical artist.

The location was chosen near Concordia University, where Nalie studied communications.

“This specific piece was really meaningful for me because I always pick women who are not just beautiful but also very inspiring and Nalie is the definition of a woman who is beautiful not only outside but inside,” Dearden said.

—With files from Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed

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