Petition to stop water fluoridation on West Island

"A majority is against the fluoridation," says Ray Coelho, a Pointe-Claire resident who has collected over 3000 signatures, calling on the city to end the practice of fluoridation. Felisha Adam reports.

Water fluoridation has been a regular practice in Canada since 1945, in order to prevent cavities and tooth decay and while the City of Montreal has stopped the process for those in Pointe-Claire their water is still fluoridated, a process some oppose.

“It clearly says here, industrial use only,” says Ray Coelho, a Pointe-Claire resident, as he read from a Safety Data sheet obtained from the City of Montreal through a freedom of information request.

“It says toxic if swallowed. It’s hazardous to aquatic environments and it says nothing about preventative tooth decay in these sheets,” he added.

Pointe-Claire water treatment plant

Pointe-Claire water treatment plant.(Photo credit: Matt Tornabene)

Coelho has gone door to door with a petition to stop water fluoridation. It now has over 3000 signatures, calling on the city to end the practice. Seventy-five percent agreeing they do not want their water fluoridated.

According to Gilles Parent, a Naturopath, he says “Health Canada does not regulate the fluoride added to the water for preventing tooth decay in any way,”

And while Health Canada does not regulate fluoride added to water, on Health Canada’s website they say, they and ninety national and international governmental and professional health organizations, support Water Fluoridation as an effective way to prevent tooth decay. The website does mention the health risks which include dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis which impact teeth and the bones of individuals.

Both Pointe-Claire and the City of Dorval add fluoride to its water, for those behind the petition, they say the citizens of Pointe-Claire have spoken, and the majority want the process to stop. Many concerned with negative health risks associated with it.
For Eve-Marie Arcand a Dentist – she says, for those who want to continue to use fluoride in their daily life they can.
“You can have toothpaste or mouth rinse or floss with fluoride in it…there are so many sources that they can get the fluoride to keep their teeth healthy,”

Their goal is for the mayor of Pointe-Claire to acknowledge the petition so that it can be voted on later in the year.

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