Award-winning Montrealer Clairon Haynes shares past adversity in new memoir

I was born to inspire,” says Clairon Haynes, Montrealer who creates music and multiple entrepreneurial ventures like her upcoming memoir ‘Diamond in the Mess.’ She tells CityNews how her successes were born out of adversity. Pamela Pagano reports.

From her award-winning music to multiple entrepreneurial ventures – like her upcoming memoir “Diamond in the Mess” – Montrealer Clairon Haynes shares the story of how her successes were born out of adversity.

“I was diagnosed by the doctor with severe, not mild depression, severe depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder,” said Clairon Haynes, educator, poet and writer.

Haynes migrated to Canada from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2002. She says 2011 is when she hit rock bottom.

“The doctors were able to tie them, my diagnosis, to the chain of trauma that I suffered.”

Her parents wanted a son – her seven older siblings were girls – so when Haynes was born, her father rejected her, and mother abused her growing up.

Unfortunately, she was also physically and mentally abused by her ex-husband.

Clairon Haynes’ book It Strikes My Mind.

“On my healing journey decided to write lyrics and melodies that really resonated with my soul and before, you know, it started resonating with so many people,” she explained.

Music has become part of her healing. Recently releasing her first gospel album, 11 songs written and recorded by Haynes, herself.

Clairon Haynes’ first gospel album.

“I want to bring other women who have been abused, who have who can identify with something I have in the book so we can all heal together.”

From music to writing books – her first one filled with poetry.

But coming soon – “Diamond in the mess” – a memoir. Addressing domestic violence, while sharing hope and healing.

Clairon Haynes’ new book Diamond in the Mess.

“I am the diamond in this messy world.”

This is the longest literary project Haynes has completed, saying it’s because her diamond was under intense pressure, processing for the past fourteen years.

To purchase her book in March, you can reach out to Haynes on her social media.

“Everything that happened in your life happened for a reason. There is a diamond, there’s a lesson in a situation. Hang in there.”

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