Italian-Quebec painter spotlights inspirational women in new exhibit

"There is nobody else with such a beautiful voice in my opinion," explained Italian-Quebecer Eva Amabili-Rivet of her portrait of American icon Whitney Houston. It’s part of a new series the artist and painter created. Teresa Romano reports.

By Marco Luciani Castiglia & Teresa Romano, OMNI News

American icon Whitney Houston is part of a new series of portraits by Italian-Quebecer artist and painter Eva Amabili-Rivet.

The exhibit called “Elles font partie de nous” or “They are part of us” features portraits of inspirational women, both famous, and those not as well known to the general public.

“I’ve always liked her voice. There is nobody else with such a beautiful voice in my opinion,” said Amabili-Rivet.

“The fox would be the spirit of this woman and you can see a bit of the color of the fox in the woman’s eyes.”

The 37-year-old has always had an interest in portraits. “I feel very happy, very lucky. There will be two more exhibitions this year,” she said.

Over the past four years, Amabili-Rivet has devoted herself to developing her style through acrylic painting.

Part of a painting by Eva Amabili-Rivet. (Credit: Eva Amabili-Rivet/provided)

“There is always a more realistic part with the women’s face which is always in black and white and then there are the colours in the movement, the life of the characters I paint. They all have their own personality.”

Artistic talent runs in her family. “As a child I loved to draw with my parents around,” she said. “I am lucky because there are many artists in my family: my mother is a writer, my grandmother an opera singer. My uncles are musicians.”

The Italian-Canadian painter is currently a graduate student in the art therapy program offered at the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

“With art, I would also like to help people suffering,” she said.

Amabili-Rivet’s exhibit is showcased at Le Corridor d’art in Mont Saint-Hilaire – about 40 kilometres southeast of Montreal and runs until the end of April.

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