Montreal to launch gun violence support hotline

By News Staff

The City of Montreal is creating a support hotline to answer residents’ concerns about violence in the city, particularly gun violence, or for those who are worried about a family member.

The telephone line will see trained workers offer personalized support seven days a week. The workers can then address the needs of the callers and refer them to the appropriate help, including support groups.

“In recent months, I have met many parents who told me they feel powerless in the face of violent situations that their children may experience,” said Mayor Valérie Plante in a statement. “I am very proud to present today our response to this feeling shared by many, which will serve as a benchmark to seek help.”

The city is pledging $800,000 to the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRMV) over the next two years to deploy the free telephone line.


The CPRMV will run the service.

“To respond to the increase in gun violence in Montreal, we need to work together and the Centre will do its part,” said Roselyne Mavungu, the CPRMV’s executive director. “We are equipped to support people who are affected by the complex issues of armed violence. The establishment of a telephone line will make it possible to better understand their realities and direct them to the appropriate support resources.”

The hotline will act as a complementary resource to those put forth by various community organizations and the Montreal police, the city said in a release.

The move is part of commitments made by the municipal government last summer in a forum meant to address gun violence.

The confidential support line will be operational this spring.

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