Grade 6 students at Carlyle write song to promote peace, social change

Grade 6 students at Carlyle Elementary School in TMR wrote an original song called “Deserve Peace.”

By News Staff

Montreal Grade 6 students are uniting their voices in song to share a special message of peace while urging social change.

The students at Carlyle Elementary School in TMR – part of the English Montreal School Board – wrote an original song called “Deserve Peace.”

The students wrote the song’s melodies and lyrics.

“For all the next generations, all the different nations, deserve peace,” the students sing.

“Discrimination only creates hate. We have to change before it’s too late. We can learn from our mistakes. Let’s all try to cooperate.”

The nearly four-minute song is filled with inspirational messages of hope, love and peace.

Students at Carlyle elementary students in their music video for “Deserve Peace.” (Source: YouTube/Christine Crawford)

The school also filmed a music video to go along with the song. Students can be seen singing inside classrooms, outside, and in the gymnasium. Some of them are strumming ukuleles.

“Songs have been historically a powerful tool in raising awareness and aiding protests for social change. In this song, the Grade 6 students wished to outline the importance of respect, equality and empathy to promote peace in the world,” music teacher Christine Crawford told CityNews via email.

The video ends with a quote from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

WATCH: Full “Deserve Peace” music video

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