Striking Montreal Casino workers demand more from Loto-Québec

Striking Casino employees protested on Thursday as negotiations are said to have stalled with Loto-Québec.

By News Staff

Striking Casino workers were protesting in Montreal on Thursday as negotiations they say have stalled with LotoQuébec.

“Everyone seems to be understanding that life is getting more and more expensive and we’re having trouble reaching both ends. Maybe it’s about time we do something about it and provide proper salaries,” said Constantinos Alexiou, a Montreal casino worker with the CSN union.

The 1,700 unionized CSN workers – from four different casinos in Quebec, including the Montreal – and the province’s online gaming platform Espacejeux – have been on the picket lines since late June.

They are asking for a wage increase equivalent to the rising cost of living – plus one dollar per hour.

LotoQuébec previously stated that salaries are competitive, averaging 20 per cent above market rate

But the union says the figures are out of date in today’s competitive labour market.

“We are willing to negotiate. The boss has been dropping 2.5 per cent per year for five years, but he’s also asking that the newcomers take a hit of 10 per cent.”

Adding that the negotiations are, “at home stretch. What we’re asking for, like I said, the cost of living, we want to be able to not get poor year after year.”

“To the public, the only thing I would ask is, I know it’s hard not to buy, especially in this type of economy, the dream of winning the lottery is kind of interesting, even for us. We get it. What we are asking is try to abstain from going to the casinos. Try to limit your online gaming. Don’t play at all. Basically, avoid it at all costs.”

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