Humble Montrealer wins $50 million, goes to work the next day

"I know I won the money but my body doesn’t feel any different," says Montrealer Pierre Richer, who humbly accepted a cheque for $50 million, winning the Lotto Max Jackpot on October 6 while shopping for Thanksgiving. The next day he went into work.

Humble Montrealer Pierre Richer had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving – as he won the $50 million Lotto Max Jackpot on October 6.

“I feel the same, I haven’t changed, ok now I know I won the money but my body doesn’t feel any different,” he said about the win.

Richer – which literally translates to Richer in English – bought the winning ticket while shopping for Thanksgiving fixings with his daughter. It was the pie crust on sale that brought him to a grocery store in Lasalle – where he bought his life-changing ticket.

“For the pie crust being on sale at Super C, we left IGA, my daughter went in to get the pie crust and I went to get the tickets so without the pie crust being on sale I wouldn’t have gone to Super C,” he explained.

His girl friend then discovered he had won.

“She called me into the room and they told me and I just said ok and walked out.”

Richer’s alarm went off bright and early the next day for work. The dedicated employee was there at 4:30am and ready for his shift. Richer is in his 60s and works for a catering company in shipping.

“For a little while, not for long, I’ll give it at least a month and then I’ll see what I’ll do,” he explained.

“I just cant leave them in the dark because without me there the shipping department is not feasible.”

He says he has no big plans for the 50 million  – but he wants to buy a home, a new car and send his family on vacation.

“I’m not a person to go on vacation so I’ll let them go on vacation. My family is happy and all that – they’re life is going to be easier,” Richer said.

Richer has been buying Lotto tickets for about 30 years but didn’t plan on buying one for this draw.

“I wasn’t going to buy it this week but I had two free tickets in my pocket – I went to play them – and I asked for two Lotto max and that’s what happened – it cost me 10 dollars.

The grocery store will also be getting 1 per cent of the winnings – so half a million dollars – they say they’ll be throwing a party for employees.

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