Quebecer finds winning Loto ticket inside Christmas decorations, wins $50,000

By News Staff

When you put your Christmas decorations away, did you ever think you might find a winning Loto ticket in 12 months? Well, that’s what happened to Quebecer Mathieu Labrie, from the Montérégie region.

He won a $50,000 Celebration prize just days before the deadline.

On Nov. 29, while taking Christmas decorations out of their boxes with his family, he discovered an intact Celebration 2023 ticket.

After scratching off the nearly year-old ticket, he verified it on Loto-Québec’s mobile app and “couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the $50,000 on the screen.

When Labrie went to Loto-Québec, he had exactly 39 days left to claim his prize.

“A stunned Labrie immediately broke the news to his wife, who shouted with joy. Wanting to be sure of their luck, the couple went to their neighbours to check the ticket again,” wrote Loto-Québec in a press release.

Still not convinced, he then asked friends to drive him to a lottery retailer so he could check the ticket a third time.

The 30-year-old says he received the lucky ticket as a gift and plans to renovate his family home and “spoil his children and spouse for the holidays!”

Labrie bought his winning ticket at a Couche-Tard in Montreal (8265 Hochelaga street).

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