Jagmeet Singh “frustrated” with Liberals lack of drug coverage plan, threatens consequences

By News Staff

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is frustrated with the Trudeau government over pharmacare and says that if the Liberals don’t provide a framework for pharmacare by March 1st, they’ll face consequences from the NDP.

“Some of the consequences are the Liberals need our help to pass bills in the house. We’re not going to provide that help then if they’re going to break the agreement,” said Singh.

The NDP and Liberals are bound by an agreement to keep Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority government in power until 2025.

“Sometimes we’ve been able to speed up things in the house. But if they’re going to break their promise, then we’re not going to help in that way,” said Singh.

During his visit to Montreal on Friday, Singh says the federal government needs to bring forward a framework in order for the NDP to continue supporting the Liberals on important votes.

Earlier in the day, during a press conference outside of Toronto, Trudeau said that they are working hard to deliver a bill to regulate drug coverage.

“The liberals have a choice. They can choose people. They can choose working people…or they can choose to continue to back up the big pharmaceutical companies, the big insurance companies…and if they choose against people, then we’re going to make their life difficult,” said Singh.

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