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Ban on several cosmetic surgeries for pets now in effect in Quebec

By The Canadian Press

A ban on four cosmetic surgeries for pets came into effect in Quebec today, putting an end to vocal cord removal, ear cropping, tail trimming and cat declawing for aesthetic purposes.

Veterinarians say the non-essential procedures unduly expose animals to risks associated with anesthesia and can lead to behavioural issues.

The Quebec regulation still allows veterinarians to recommend the surgeries for medical therapeutic purposes, and it makes an exception for the ear cropping of stray cats in authorized capture, sterilize and release programs.

The new rules in Quebec make Ontario the only province in Canada without a ban on cat declawing.

The wide-ranging Quebec regulation also sets new standards for animal welfare, including stricter control of commercial breeding.

Among its other provisions are a ban on euthanasia by inhalation, a ban on leashing an animal without a collar, a ban on mating animals whose sizes are incompatible and a ban on feeding meat to pet pigs.

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