Black History Month blood drive in Montreal

“It is important for everyone to come and give blood,” said Naderge Ceneston, spokesperson for Hema Quebec, when speaking about the need for donors during the Montreal Black History Month blood drive in Montreal’s Little Burgundy.

By News Staff

The 15th annual Montreal Black History Month Blood Drive took place on Saturday, where members of Montreal’s Black community were invited to donate blood.

Organizers say it’s easier to find matches for Black patients when members of the community donate blood, especially for those who have sickle cell anemia.

“We have to do our share,” said Michael Farkas, president of the Round Table on Black History Month. “We know there’s a rate of a lot of youth in the Black community that do get sickle cell, sadly, and it’s better if the donor is from the Black community.

“That’s one good example of why we should come out, but every other group is welcome.”

Sickle cell anemia is an inherited blood disease that requires regular blood transfusions and disproportionately affects Black people. HÉMA Québec says that one-in-10 members of the Black community are carriers of this disease.

FILE – Hema-Quebec blood drive sign Feb. 10, 2024. (Miguel Fowke-Quintas, CityNews)

While the event is part of Montreal’s Black History Month activities, Héma Québec encourages all Quebecers to donate blood no matter the time of year.

“There is always needed blood, so if people can inform themselves, be sensibilized about giving blood to save those lives, so it is important for everyone to come and give blood, every donation counts,” said Héma Québec spokesperson Naderge Ceneston.

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