Capturing Montrealers hearts: crooner David Marino’s Valentine’s shows

“Music brings joy,” says crooner, David Marino who is capturing hearts at his concerts ahead of Valentine’s Day at Montreal’s Place des Arts. Pamela Pagano reports.

Montreal’s Place des Arts is filling up days before Valentine’s Day –- all eager to hear the spectacular voice of 25-year-old crooner, David Marino.

You may know him as a finalist on Canada’s “The Voice,” a mental health advocate in our city, or an RDP resident with a big heart who is living his musical dreams.

“I’ve always been an old soul,” said Marino. “I’ve been attracted to music that has been, you know, before my time.”

Montreal crooner, David Marino, performing alongside his band at Place Des Arts on Feb. 9, 2024 (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

His love for music began at six years old.

A moment Marino remembers: climbing onto a chair and performing a Shania Twain song for his family.

“I got up and my parents said ‘wow, he sounds pretty good, we have to put him in singing lessons’.”

“I just knew this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Marino fell in love with music at six years old. (Submitted by: David Marino)

His inspirations are music legends: Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Bublé and Tony Bennett, among others.

“I don’t send fan mail to people,” said Marino, laughing. “But I sent a little note to Tony Bennett and he responded, and sent me a signed picture.”

“I still have it in my room to this day,” he added. “With a little note that says ‘keep going kid’.”

“Isn’t that so sweet?”

American jazz singer, Tony Bennett, had sent a signed photo and message to Marino years ago. (Submitted by: David Marino)

Accompanied by his band, Marino is giving a Valentine’s Day concert, on Feb. 9 and 10 at Salle Claude-Léveillée at Place des Arts.

The evening, filled with songs that capture the audience’s hearts — from jazzy renditions to beloved pop songs.

“I was struggling finding love songs,” joked Marino. “I’m kidding, there’s a lot of love songs out there.”

“It was easy,” he added. “I’m just really excited to sing with this amazing band.”

Drums seen during Montreal crooner, David Marino, sound check at Place Des Arts on Feb. 9, 2024 (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

The four performing on stage, sounds magical — with Mike De Masi on bass, and Claude Lavergne on drums.

As for piano, is Marino’s musical director and former coach: John Gilbert.

“I met him when I was 10 years old,” said Marino. “We’ve been working together 15 years.”

In 2017, Marino got a four chair turn on the show “La Voix” – winning third place.

He’s also raised over $50,000 for mental health services at the Jewish General Hospital through concerts.

Next stops for the crooner: to perform in California in March and is returning to New York — this time at the Bird Land Jazz Club.

“Singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Tony have stepped on that stage,” said Marino. “This is the kind of music that I want to sing.”

“I want to keep it alive,” he added. “Because it cant die, it’s just too good.”

Montreal crooner, David Marino, performing at Place Des Arts on Feb. 9, 2024 (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

“I’m proud of who he is,” said Angela Vitulano, Marino’s mother before entering the Place des Arts hall. “A good person, a good human being.”

“He’s just a good soul,” added Marino’s father, Vince Marino. “A good kid, a good person and he works so hard.”

And his fans –- eager for the next concert.

“It’s my second time,” said Gaetan Gregoire. “I come see him at Christmas, he was great.”

“He was special.”

“Music brings joy to peoples lives,” said Marino. “That’s what’s important to me, the joy that it brings.”

Montreal crooner, David Marino, performing at Place Des Arts on Feb. 9, 2024 (Credit: Pamela Pagano/CityNews)

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