February ending with record-breaking temperatures in Montreal

As February comes to a close, record-breaking temperatures are forecasted to come with it.

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement on Monday, warning of Quebec’s week of unseasonably mild temperatures that are set to rapidly drop, which could lead to a rapid freeze and potentially slippery conditions.

Quebecers will be able to enjoy mild weather at the start of the week, but it’s accompanied by precipitation across most of the province.

Flurries and rain began early Monday morning over Montreal and are set to end midday.

Skies clearing in the afternoon with a high of plus 6 expected, then dropping to minus 10 overnight.

Tuesday will see a contrast with sunshine, and potentially record breaking temperatures if the mercury increases slightly: the high, expected to be plus 10 — the previous record was set in 2000 at plus 10.9 degrees.

Cloudiness, set to increase later that afternoon.

Environment Canada forecasts that Montreal will remain in the double digits on Wednesday.

This will give favourable conditions for the rapid melting of the existing snow cover, says the weather agency.

Rain expected to fall over the city with a high of plus 15 — this, another potential record breaking temperature. It would surpass the 1954 record of 8.3 degrees.

On Wednesday night, the low may drop to minus 14.

A vigorous cold front is forecasted through Western, Southern and Central Quebec between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Environment Canada says that as it passes, rain will change to snow, and strong westerly winds will develop.

With the sharp drop in temperatures, water will rapidly freeze on the ground.

Roads could quickly become slippery they say, making travel difficult.

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