Lucien-L’Allier Exo train station closing in April

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Starting April 1, the Lucien-L’Allier Exo train station will be closed for renovations until 2025.

This terminus connects three commuter train lines: 11 Vaudreuil/Hudson, 12 Saint-Jérôme and 14 Candiac.

This is the busiest station in the Exo network.

Their plan is to rebuild all four station platforms, extend track six, modernize the systems and infrastructure, add a canopy to improve the customer experience and add two emergency exits at Argyle Street and de la Montagne Street.

A screen grab from the EXO instagram account is seen
The Lucien-L’Allier Exo train station is closing. Courtesy: Exo Instagram

According to the Exo website, “this infrastructure upgrade will ensure the sustainability of the station, while improving the customer experience and meeting the accessibility and security needs of the site.”

In addition, an emergency exit will be added on Argyle Street to comply with safety standards.

To compensate for the closure of the Lucien-L’Allier station, a temporary fare mitigation measure has been set up by the ARTM for commuters who use train services to or from this station.

For monthly ticket users, those traveling on Train 3, 4 and 5 will be able obtain monthly tickets TRAIN3LUL, TRAIN4LUL or TRAIN5LUL to travel on commuter trains and then STM services to get downtown in Montreal.

These new monthly passes will be available for April, May and June 2024 at no additional cost compared to the current train ticket prices.

Users will be able to obtain their monthly pass for April as of March 20.

Travel options

As of April 1, line 11 Vaudreuil/Hudson will stop at Vendôme station. Users will be able to connect to the Vendôme metro on the orange to continue their commute.

Starting in fall 2024, trains on line 11 Vaudreuil/Hudson will return to Lucien-L’Allier station once work is complete.

A screen grab from the EXO instagram account is seen
A screenshot about the Exo train station closures. Courtesy: Exo Instagram

For line 12 Saint-Jérôme, trains on the Saint-Jérôme line will stop at Parc station where users will be able to connect to the Parc métro.

Some trains on the 12-Saint-Jérôme line will continue their journey to Montréal-Ouest station to ensure continuous access for students and workers in this area, and also the Concorde metro on the orange line.

Line 14 Candiac will stop at Vendôme station as of April 1.

Lucien-L’Allier will welcome both lines back by the end of spring 2025.

A screen grab from the EXO instagram account is seen
A screenshot from Exo is seen. Courtesy: Exo Instagram

As of July 2024, commuter train users who want to use STM services to travel downtown will need to obtain a monthly “All modes AB” or “All modes ABC.”

The work at Lucien-L’Allier station is expected to be finished by summer 2025.

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