Many Quebecers would leave a business if they were not served in French: survey

By Stéphane Rolland, The Canadian Press

A new Léger survey published Friday suggests that Montreal businesses could lose a large pool of customers Many French-speaking consumers if they are not able to serve their customers in French.

After price range, reception, signage, and service are the most important criterias for French-speaking customers in the Greater Montreal area according to a survey unveiled Friday in collaboration with the firm Raymond Sculpin Grant Thornton.

The study shows that 40 per cent of French speakers would abandon their purchase if they were not served in their language.

Four out of five say they are ready to travel 30 minutes for linguistic reasons.

Nearly a third (30 per cent) of francophones say they choose to avoid certain areas of the city for fear of not being served in French.

The data collected estimates that these customers represent a market worth nearly $1.1 billion.

The place of French in Montreal businesses also concerns French speakers. 68% say that the situation has deteriorated over the last five years.

The survey also shows that four out of 10 English speakers are unaware that there is a legal obligation to do business in French in Quebec.

This rate is 4.5 out of 10 for allophones.

The survey was conducted online in May with 3,012 respondents residing in the greater Montreal area.

The margin of error cannot apply in this case, since the sample is not random, but Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton says the results were weighted to be representative of the population.

-This report by La Presse Canadienne was translated by CityNews.

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