Montrealers push sustainability by helping others ‘Dress Like a Film’

"The whole idea is to tell people that they can give stuff a new life," says performer and store co-owner Miriam Sekhon. She and business partner Albina Klimenko are restoring vintage goods with a creative spin. Anastasia Dextrene reports.

In an effort to promote sustainability, Montrealers Miriam Sekhon and Albina Klimenko are building their business at the intersection of fashion and film. By restoring carefully curated second-hand pieces of clothing and items, they feature these items in photoshoots – recreating scenes from movies. 

“In the beginning we thought that we would take our favorite films, like we would find iconic looks and then look for an object. But in reality it goes the other way around. So we find a great object that we can’t not buy because it’s amazing quality or it’s really fun,” performing artist, Sekhon, said.

Following the photoshoot and posting of images on the Dress Like A Film Instagram page, customers can purchase items for a reasonable price. Sekhon and Klimenko, a journalist and photographer, say their goal is to draw consumers away from fast fashion and toward more environmentally friendly wardrobe choices. 

“The whole idea is to tell people about sustainability, to tell people they can give stuff a new life instead of just rebuying and rebuying cheap, not great quality stuff that’s made by children somewhere,” Sekhon told CityNews.

The business partners met through common friends after Sekhon moved to Montreal from Russia with her family in 2022. Klimenko, also from Russia, found common creative ground, which led to their venture’s birth.

Dress Like a Film recreation of a scene from the movie, “Spy,” starring Melissa McCarthy. (Courtesy of Dress Like a Film)

Fast forward to now, Sekhon says “We have a whole community around this project. […] Sometimes we get together for a small party but all through the party we’re pestering all our friends like wait a minute can you [pose?]”

Among the duo’s latest recreations are moments from A-lister Melissa Mcarthy in the film “Spy,” and a scene with Audrey Hepburn in the streets of Paris from “Funny Face.” Sekhon and Klimenko say Dress Like a Film is pleased to ship to customers around the globe. 

Dress Like a Film recreation of a scene from “Funny Face,” starring Audrey Hepburn. (Courtesy of Dress Like a Film)

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