Parking restrictions take effect Monday as Montreal begins cleaning operations

By News Staff

Montreal drivers should pay close attention to street parking signs. Starting Monday, parking restrictions are once again in effect for street maintenance and spring cleaning.

The city is preparing to launch major spring-cleaning operations, removing all the gravel and dirt that has accumulated over the winter.

Blue-collar workers will be hosing down streets and using mechanical brooms to sweep debris away. Maintenance operations also include non-urgent road work or tree inspections.

“You have to obey the no-parking signs otherwise the city won’t be able to perform the cleaning operations,” said Phillipe Sabourin, spokesperson for the city of Montreal.

This year, due to the milder winter, the city is beginning spring cleaning earlier than usual. In the Ville-Marie borough and certain adjacent boroughs, the city’s blue-collar workers have already begun spring cleaning on some roads and parks.

Philippe Sabourin
Philippe Sabourin speaks to reporters outside in Montreal, April 1 2024. (Matt Tornabene, CityNews Image)

The city says that approximately 1,000 workers will be deployed to clean 4,100 km of streets, 6,500 km of sidewalks, close to 900 km of bike lanes and some 1,500 parks.

“Maybe Montreal is a bit more dirty because last time we performed the loading operations was beginning of January, and normally when we’re grabbing the snow, we’re grabbing the litter as well,” said Sabourin.

Close to 600 pieces of equipment, sidewalk washers, street brooms and vacuum cleaners, will be put into operation on Monday. The operation will take place over a period of four to six weeks and will cost taxpayers $50 million.

Sabourin explained how citizens can get involved with the cleanup.

“You have the possibility to build a cleanliness chore in your own neighborhood. You only have to call your eco-quartier and they will lend you brooms, some gloves, and some bags as well to the do the cleanup activity.”

Leader of the Official Opposition Aref Salem said people in Montreal are entitled to have clean streets public spaces.

“For years, Ensemble Montréal has been calling the Plante administration to deploy cleanliness brigades throughout the year, seven days a week in all boroughs,” he said in a statement. “With a tax increase of nearly 10 per cent over the past two years, Montrealers are entitled to have streets and public spaces much cleaner and more pleasant to frequent.”

Drivers should be extra vigilant reading street signs. Those $90 parking tickets plus court fees, represent one-third of all tickets issued by municipal officers.

The parking restrictions remain in effect until Dec. 1.

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