CCM hockey seeking new ownership after potential sale options: report

By News Staff

The famous hockey equipment manufacturer CCM is being sold once again, according to The Globe and Mail, which reported that Birch Hill Equity Partners intends to sell it.

More than 200 employees would still work at CCM’s head office in Montreal near Highway 40. They moved into that location in February.

The company was previously located a few kilometres away at 3400 Raymond-Lasnier Street in Saint-Laurent, where at one point in time, more than 500 people worked there.

However, in recent years, CCM has changed ownership numerous times.

Reebok bought it in 2004 for US $400 million, then Adidas got it and resold the company in 2017 to the investment fund Birch Hill Equity Partners for CAD $110 million. Since then, they’ve more than doubled revenue and boosted profits – now more than $75 million per year according to reports.

Founded in 1899, CCM was initially called Canada Cycle & Motor Company Limited.

In 1905, that the company decided to launch into hockey skates, where it has continued to dominate the market ever since.

CCM is one of two dominant hockey-gear companies.

The hockey gear company provides sticks, skates, and helmets to nearly 40 per cent of NHL players, along with Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) stars.  

The company’s major rival is Bauer, which has close to 40 per cent of NHL players using their gear.

CityNews reached out to CCM for comment, but has yet to hear back.

CCM old office building
The old CCM office building is empty in Montreal, April 17 2024. (Martin Daigle, CityNews)

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