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Scheer accuses Trudeau of 'stacking the deck' to get re-elected

Last Updated May 26, 2019 at 7:18 pm EST

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer addresses the media on Feb. 25, 2019 over his motion calling on the Prime Minister to testify at the Justice Committee over the SNC Lavalin affair.

OTTAWA – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Liberals’ decision to name an anti-Conservative union to a panel that will decide which media outlets receive government funding is the latest example of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “stacking the deck” in his favour to get re-elected in October.

Scheer told The Canadian Press today he believes the decision to include Unifor on the panel _ which will determine eligibility for a $600-million bailout package _is unacceptable and will undermine the credibility of the panel’s work.

Unifor has campaigned against the Conservative party and the union has recently published tweets calling itself Scheer’s “worst nightmare.”

Scheer says this is the latest in a string of moves by Trudeau to give himself an upper hand ahead of the fall federal election.

He also points to changes made to pre-election spending for political parties that impose restrictions that he says mainly affect the Conservative party, while no limits have been placed on government spending or travel in advance of the writ period.

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez has defended Unifor’s place on the panel, saying the union represents over 12,000 journalists and media workers and has been included among other journalism groups to ensure broad representation from the industry.