Firearm incidents this year comparable to 2022, Montreal police say

By News Staff

Montreal police say they’re cracking down on armed violence, releasing statistics that show the trend of shootings in the city is similar to last year.

Since the start of 2023, the SPVM says 25 incidents of firearms being discharged were recorded – compared to 17 by the same time last year.

“It was important for us to take the floor today to reassure you the Montreal police, the City of Montreal and many partners are fully committed to the fight against gun violence,” said Insp. David Shane.

There have been 12 attempted murders with firearms this year compared to 15 by early April 2022.

There has been one murder committed with a firearm compared to three last year at this time.

“It’s still one too many and we’re working together with the community to change the narrative towards the youth,” said the SPVM’s Jean-Marc Schanzenbach. “Their culture has changed. That has an impact on the way they see the problem. And the value of life.”


Police say they are working on prevention and have seized 135 firearms this year and made 78 arrests in connection to gun violence.

“Every year we know that come springtime there’s always an increase in nightlife and an increase in violence in general,” said Shane. “This year specifically we are maintaining our project ‘Arret’ – enabled by intelligence, patrol hotspots.

SPVM encourages anyone with information about firearm-related incidents to come forward anonymously through INFO-CRIME at 514-393-1133.

Montreal police Insp. David Shane and Jean-Marc Schanzenbach at a press conference April 5, 2023. (Martin Daigle/CityNews)

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