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Swim lessons being taught from home during pandemic

Last Updated Apr 28, 2020 at 8:16 pm EDT

Karina Renaud in bathroom with daughter.

According to the Red Cross, 38 per cent of all drowning deaths involving children happen in their own backyard

MONTREAL (CITYNEWS) – Due to COVID-19, a Montreal swim instructor has launched an online program that allows parents to teach their children the fundamental skills of swimming using their bathtub.

“We often feel powerless or helpless and it’s my way to contribute. If I can save one child’s life this summer I guess my job will be done,” explained Karina Renaud.

For seven years Renaud has been teaching swimming lessons to children in her garage. Now because of COVID-19 she’s had to try and move her lessons to an online platform.

With summer on the way and many summer vacation plans being cancelled due to the pandemic, families will be more tempted to purchase a backyard pool. According to the Red Cross, in the last ten years, 38 per cent of all drowning deaths involving children happen in their own backyard.

Karina is hoping to change that statistic with her new online program. “Typically to make sure the water doesn’t go in a child’s mouth we want the chin up and just keep it there and the water will stay there. Being in this position develops the core muscles and the muscles in their neck and back and eventually they will become great floaters.”

Since starting the program, Karina has seen positive feedback. A Montreal Mom of 4 who has tested Karina’s techniques with her third and fourth child, says her children can’t get enough of the water.

“I was going in the bathtub with them once a week and practicing all the cues and techniques from Karina, which are great. The fact that parents are getting this online now is phenomenal, because during this time we are not getting lessons any other way,” explained Nadia Lawand.

Athletes like everyone are confined in their homes and need to keep their skills up. Karina says you don’t necessarily need to be in the water to practice your swimming technique. “It is possible right now, even if you’re not in a pool to start building all these skills, strength, the mobility, and the confidence and learn to respect the water, which is super important.”

The goal is to build and reinforce muscles and flexibility that can benefit your lung capacity, which can be done on the floor.

For more information visit: swimforce.ca