McGill denounces pro-Palestinian protest outside home of senior university administrator

By News Staff

McGill University is denouncing a demonstration in support of the pro-Palestinian encampment that took place Sunday in front of the home of a senior administrator.

A social media account that has been supporting the encampment at McGill called for demonstrators to target the home Sunday.

Montreal police were onsite and confirmed a group of individuals gathered outside the house, chanting and waving Palestinian flags.

In a statement, McGill says it condemns what it calls “this absolutely unacceptable behaviour.”

“Targeting people and their families at their residence crosses the line from peaceful protest to intimidation and harassment,” the university wrote.

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The protest outside the home lasted just over two hours, police say, and ended with people leaving on their own terms – peacefully and with no arrests.

The demonstrators at the pro-Palestinian encampment on McGill grounds, which was on its 25th day Tuesday, have been calling on the university to divest from companies linked to Israel and cut ties with Israeli institutions.

The pro-Palestinian encampment at McGill on May 21, 2024. (Alyssia Rubertucci, CityNews)

Speaking at an unrelated event, Quebec Premier François Legault reiterated his stance on pro-Palestinian encampments Tuesday.

“My position has always been the same from the beginning,” Legault said. “I want these camps to be dismantled. I think these camps should be dismantled. I don’t see why we would import, here in Quebec, this conflict between Israel and Hamas. Now, I have said from the beginning that as for how, it is up to the universities and the police.”

The pro-Palestinian encampment at McGill on May 21, 2024. (Alyssia Rubertucci, CityNews)

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